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floorplan_existing.gif (7758 bytes)The old floor plan.

floorplan_future.gif (9112 bytes)This is the new floor plan.

window_existing.jpg (37288 bytes)The original den before demolition.

passthru_existing.jpg (33422 bytes)This wall will have the new pass through.

house-demo-messyback.jpg (52600 bytes)Demolition begins.

house-demo-messydining.jpg (44196 bytes)View from den through dining room to the front of the house..

10_27_window.jpg (44374 bytes)We're vaulting the ceiling in the window room. good thing, because the ceiling framing we found didn't make any sense!

10_27_dining.jpg (43570 bytes)Looking from the window room back toward the front of the house. Temporary supports still intact......

old_support.jpg (63015 bytes)View showing the old supports for the glass room.

10_27_tempsupport.jpg (52315 bytes)The old supports have been removed with the temporary supports in place.

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